AT 3003X Thermal Scanner

AT 3003X Thermal Scanner

Automatic Infrared Human Body Precise Temperature Measurement System

This high-accuracy camera measures skin surface temperature as people pass by. It has a wide angle,
lens that continually scans multiple people, in real time.

When the device detects a temperature above your predefined target a security alarm sounds on the device. A warning is also displayed on the display.

The system automatically saves an image with the temperature readings. This allows you to easily locate and further process suspect individuals without causing public concern.

This device uses both non-invasive and non-contact approach to screening large groups of individuals. This provides an easy way to identify individuals with a higher than normal temperature, with minimal resources and disruption.

M A I N   F E A T U R E S:
Miniaturization & Rapid Control: Compact in design, rapid control in small space

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement: Patented intelligent compensated temperature measurement algorithm, temperature measuring accuracy +0.3*C

Automatic Real-time Alarm:  Automatic real time alarm signal of display, sound or image
I N C L U D E S:
Tripod and black body

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:
Resolution: 384 x 288
Measuring accuracy: =/- .3*C
Alarm response time: <0.5s
Measuring temp: 0-60*C
Measuring range: 1-5m


Aisle of airports, Rail & Bus Stations, Customs, Hospitals, etc

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